Sunday, May 07, 2006

Quartz Crystals: Stupid Rock or Healing-Focused Mineral? ( A Report)

Ok, so I was recently rummaging through the Barnes and Nobles magazine selection when I came across the May 2006 edition of Fate Magazine*. I was looking through the various selections of products for sale and noticed one thing in common between them all: quartz crystal.

The two products I saw were the Alantian Head Band and the Alantian Power Rod. According the Fate Magazine:

"Use the Alantian Head Band to focus your thoughts and beam or project them to a specific destination, depending on your intent. The quartz crystal, in conjunction with the copper band and pure sterling silver disk, acts as a capacitor for strong the energy and a transducer for changing its form. Thought and images are converted at the speed of light... The headband also augments psychic impressions or hunches... In many cases this can help activate the 'third eye'..."

"One of the most valuable uses for the Atlantean Wand is healing. The energy from the wand is used to remove energy blockages in the biomagnetic field of the body. You can send absent healing to anyone, no matter how far away...
The Atlantean Crystal Wand is actually a miniature linear accelerator (
a pen?) It is a 12-inch-long subatomic particle beam generator..."

So, you might now be asking yourself "Where can I get me one of these little beauties?!" But not so fast, Buster; you might want to consider some other facts before spending the $75-$380 to purchase one of these tools.

On one hand there is the people who believe in the power of Quartz Crystals. According to the Mystical Crystal:

"Did You Know:-

  • That crystals and gemstones may be placed under your pillow whilst you are asleep to help inspire lofty or prophetic dreams?
  • That the people of Atlantis used quartz crystals to channel and harness cosmic forces?
  • Shirley MacLaine places quartz crystal clusters on the four corners of her bath every time she takes a bath or shower? Try it for yourself - it's wonderful!"
To start, Shirley MacLaine is a washed up B-Actor who now has a radio show. Obviously the crystals worked!

Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary defines quartz as

"a mineral (SiO2) consisting of a silica that occurs in colorless and transparent or colored hexagonal crystals and also in crystalline masses."

I don't know who Merriam-Webster is, or if she is reliable, but they don't say anything about any kind of mystical healing properties! This is so confusing, I am getting mixed signals! My chakras are totally in disaray (the 7 mystical sense organs of our bodies, according to Fate Magazine)! I think I will look at one more source!

Phyllis Galde, editor of Fate magazine, is a huge supporter of the quartz healing abilities. She claims, "What you think is what you get. You're probably familiar with most of the positive-thinking procedures and how they apply to your life. They always work. The only difference is how fast or how slowly they work." I did some reading into Galde's past, and found out some interesting things! She was born and raised in North Dakota. She was always very close to the earth, and living in a haunted house kept her in touch with the other dimensions. Is Galde a reliable source? You decide? My opinion? I never trust hippies.

The Final Verdict:

Are you joking me? I'll trust the dictionary and common-sense over a crystal loving actor and a pot-smokin' naturalist any day!

(I think I wasted my time.)


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